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Taking mentoring to the next level: HT, CCPA and EXATEC partner up to organize the Summer/Fall 2017 Session of mentorship  


The Summer/Fall 2017 mentoring session is presented to you by Hispanotech in partnership with the Canadian Colombian Professional Association (CCPA) and the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM) Alumni Association (EXATEC).

This program has no cost, all you need is to be a registered member of one of the partner organizations.

Applications for the 2017 Summer/Fall Mentoring session are now open. If you are a member, you can apply for this program until July 31st @ 6 PM EST. 

Here are a few pictures of our last session during the Summer/Fall of 2016.  


PLEASE NOTE: The program requires Mentors to complete the TRIEC Mentor Training Webinars listed below.

This training will provide Mentors with the basics needed for a successful relationship with their Mentee and will lead to improved outcomes for the program.


Your mentee and the Job search : Making the connection.

Listen to this webinar here:


Your mentee and the Job Search: Applying for Jobs and the Hiring Process.

Listen to this webinar here:



  Benefits of Mentoring for the Mentor

  • Renew your enthusiasm as an expert in your field
  • Obtain a better understanding of the barriers experienced at lower levels of the organization
  • Enhance your skills in coaching, counseling, listening, and role modeling
  • Develop and practice your leadership skills, finding your personal style
  • Demonstrate your expertise and share your knowledge
  • Increase generational awareness
  • Give back to the community


Benefits of Mentoring for the Protégé

  • Improve your opportunities for a smoother & smarter transition into the labour market
  • Improve your career development/advancement and access to management role opportunities
  • Build and expand your professional network
  • Develop new and/or different perspectives, learning the Canadian business & corporate culture from an expert insider
  • Gain the capacity to translate values and strategies into productive action plans
  • Complement your formal study/training and professional development activities
  • Get assistance with ideas, build on your strengths and realize your full potential


Benefits of Mentoring for Organizations

  • New recruits can become more productive faster
  • Companies can increase the retention of qualified employees
  • Mentors can help prepare employees for executive positions
  • Mentoring relationships can improve organization-wide communications


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