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10 most influential Hispanic Canadians 2008 - [November 19, 2008]

Toronto, ON (November 19, 2008) --- Last night, Scotiabank's 10 Most Influential Hispanic Canadians 2008 were selected by six hundred people at a ceremony in Toronto. The winners are representatives of a highly educated, fast-growing demographic. Canada 's .75 million Hispanics are the country's third largest minority group and their influence is on the rise.

This year's "10 Most Influential Hispanic Canadians" were chosen from 37 nominations submitted from across the country using a Dancing with the Stars-style judging process. The original pool was narrowed to twenty finalists by journalists and executives from Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, Canadian Business, CBC, Ottawa's FOCAL, Canadian Council for the Americas, Canadian Hispanic Congress, Hispanic Press Association of Canada and five of last year's winners. The six hundred people in attendance ranked the finalists and their votes were combined with those of the judges to determine the 10 Most Influential Hispanic Canadians 2008. In alphabetical order by first name, the 10 Most Influential Hispanic Canadians 2008, are:

  • Dr. Bernardo Berdichewsky (Ph.D), Research
  • Eduardo Urueña, Media
  • Esmeralda Enrique, Dance
  • Hon. Guillermo Rishchynski, Diplomacy
  • Guillermo Silva-Marin, Opera
  • Johnny Campuzano, Law Enforcement
  • Margarita Feliciano, Literacy
  • Mario Guilombo, Human Rights
  • Mario Perez, Entrepreneurship
  • Oscar A. Jofre Jr., Entrepreneurship