2010 News

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April 2010 "Hispanic Heritage Month" - [March 29, 2011]

WHEREAS the Hispanic population is among the fastest growing ethnic groups in the City of Toronto and is committed to preserving its rich culture and traditions.

Hispanic Heritage Month provides our Spanish speaking communities with the opportunity to showcase and share their lively and captivating culture and traditions with Toronto residents and visitors to our city.

In Toronto, we encourage and welcome cultural celebrations of our many cultural groups that work hard to promote and preserve their rich heritage. These celebrations encourage understanding and goodwill and enrich our social and cultural development and the quality of life for many.

NOW THEREFORE, I Mayor David Miller, on behalf of Toronto City Council, do hereby proclaim April 2010 as "Hispanic Heritage Month" in the City of Toronto.

Mayor David Miller


Newcomers form networks to help one another - [Mar 25, 2010]

Newcomers form networks to help one another. Immigrants lack personal contacts, which are a key source of jobs

Noor Javed Staff Reporter. View the article