Sponsors & Alliances

Sponsors & Alliances

We are an excellent platform for Canadian companies that are looking to make inroads in Latin America and Hispanic markets.


The Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC) is a multi-stakeholder council that brings leadership together to create and champion solutions to better integrate skilled immigrants in the Toronto Region labour market.

TRIEC helps employers and immigrants find solutions. It connects companies to programs that can help them better recruit and retain immigrants; it develops and distributes learning tools and curriculum; and it helps immigrants build their professional connections through mentoring and professional immigrant networks.

EXATEC Ontario

EXATEC Ontario is a registered non-profit organization that works to contribute to the professional, social and cultural development of the Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM) Alumni community residing in Ontario, aiming to facilitate better recognition of the EXATEC members in the Canadian marketplace and society at large.

Founded in 2002 and with over 450 members, EXATEC Ontario is one of 85 chapters of the ITESM Alumni Network around the world, and the largest chapter in Canada.


The Canadian Colombian Professional Association, known as CCPA, is a member-based organization founded in 2001 by a group of professionals with the noble idea of contributing to the development and growth of the Hispanic community in Canada.

The CCPA collaborates closely with other Professional Associations, Government-funded agencies, Community Organization and diverse stakeholders in order to create opportunities for Spanish-speaking Internationally trained professionals living in.


LNBB is a forum of latin professional groups.

LNBB’s mission is to foster the integration and promotion among the members of the latin professional organizations. LNBB believes that people can impact on other people’s lives by sharing knowledge and experiences that are powerful enough to make a difference.

LNBB’s vision is to become the forum that links and represents all the latin professional organizations in Ontario.


With business constantly evolving due to competition, shortage of good talent and high demand, AG Globe is the solution for your business. They are an Offshoring company, specializing in Recruitment Process Outsourcing. RPO is key to helping our clients in bringing their business to a higher level of success.

Head quartered in Toronto, Canada with Global Operations based in Makati City, Philippines, They offer offshoring support with the finest talent in the Recruitment arena. Their priority is to tailor their RPO services to meet your exact needs, speeding up your hiring process while reducing cost. This enables your company to focus solely on your business.