About Us


Hispanotech is a not-for profit Canadian corporation with the mission to promote the success and be the voice of Hispanics in Canada’s technology sectors.

Federally incorporated in 2008, Hispanotech is led by a volunteer-based Board of Directors. We strive to achieve our mission through the organization of networking events and conferences featuring speakers from global corporations and covering leading-edge technology topics.

Also, we run special focus groups such as Women in IT and we partner up with other professional organizations to collaboratively organize a solid mentoring Program.

With these activities, we hope to play an important role in assisting New Canadians in the challenging journey of integration into the Canadian labour markets, and also help Hispanic professionals, already working in their field, that want to advance their careers navigating through the waters of the Canadian corporate culture.

How it works


We strive to achieve our objectives by offering opportunities to get involved in:

  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Mentoring Program
  • Skills Development Seminars
  • Networking Events
  • Social Events
  • Awards
  • High End Presentations
  • Sponsorships
  • Supporting Women through Our Women in IT Group
  • Bring together Hispanics in Canada’s technology markets
  • Assist Hispanics seeking to enter Canada’s technology markets
  • Promote the reputation of Hispanics in Canada’s technology field
  • Support the development and advancement of Hispanics in Canada and recognize their contribution to Canada’s technology field

Board of Directors

Hispanotech Board Directors

Gabriel Leiva Von Bovet

Galo Ginocchio
Secretary and Operations Director

Hispanotech Board Directors

Gabriel Sorozabal
Treasurer, Director of Mentorship Program

Hispanotech Board Directors

Fernando Blasco
Vicepresident, Events

Hispanotech Board Directors

Carlos Paz-Soldan

Hispanotech Board Directors

Donaji Gómez
Director, Women in IT Program

Hispanotech Board Directors

Angelica Tellez
Director, Marketing & Partnerships