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Our Programs

Our programs and activities are driven by our mission: to help our Members Connect, Succeed, and Give Back. It is in the context of these goals that we structure the programs and activities summarized below.


With other professionals and organizations. The biggest obstacle experienced by immigrants is the loss of the network they had built in their home country, which included neighbourhood friends, school comrades, work colleagues, and relatives. Also lost is the implied recognition of symbols like the school or university you attended, the firms you worked at, the clubs you belonged to, and even your last name. All that was left behind the moment you landed in Canada, and has to be rebuilt.


In your career or business. Whether looking to get a job or looking to create jobs, immigrants need to understand the culture, context, and ecosystems of their new home, as well as the mechanics of how you actually go about it. And sometimes the choices you make when you first arrive are sub-optimal, and you may end up stuck in a job that doesn't fully use your capabilities. Changing course can be more challenging than starting up, but it can be done.

Give Back

To the community. Pay it forward, share your time and what you've learned along the way, or your good fortune. Whether you volunteer in an association, mentor a newcomer, or donate to a cause, you'll make the world a better place.

Learning & Networking

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Our Educational Program has been a core offering since 2009, and covers four areas:

  • Stay up-to-date with current technologies
  • Be informed about emerging technologies
  • Soft Skills and Personal growth
  • The Canadian Context

Professional Mentoring

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Our Mentoring Program has grown ten-fold since it started in 2015, and seeks to help Members in two areas:

  • Job market readiness: preparing you to find your first job in Canada, and the context behind the "Canadian Experience" issue.
  • Career management: getting ahead after you enter the workforce, switching careers, dealing with work challenges and planning your professional future.

Volunteering & Community

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We provide networking opportunities for Members at all our professional development events, and we leverage social media channels to extend our reach. Whenever possible we combine efforts with other associations, and our events are open to professionals of any background, to provide a more fertile ground for establishing connections.

We also have activities targeting Hispanic Women in Technology, to deal with the special challenges that arise from being a minority within a minority, and the additional demands placed on women balancing a career and a family.

We also pursue and encourage collaboration with other Professional Immigrant Networks, corporate partners, and the extensive immigrant services ecosystem in Canada.

We invite you to explore our membership page to help you understand important aspects of our organization such as our governing bylaws.

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