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Our Team is a 100% volunteer organization, with a Board of Directors that directs the organization and a Management Team that executes its programs. Once Directors fulfill their term they join our Advisory Board, providing continuity and a long-term vision. Our six original Founders are also part of our Board of Advisors.

Hispanotech is structured to accommodate the unique challenges of being a 100% volunteer organization, while maintaining a focus on the delivery of programs and services to our Members.

From left to right: Citlalli, Paola, Galo, Raquel, Carlos, Gabriel, Néstor, Catherine2024 Board of Directors

Carlos Paz-Soldan


Carlos is the president of Hispanotech, leading the Board of Directors, and responsible for strategic planning and direction.

He is an entrepreneur and business owner who has applied emerging technologies to develop innovative computing solutions for corporate and government clients in three continents.

Citlalli Rios


Citlalli is responsible for strengthening our partnerships and alliances including managing the relationship with consulates, government, educational institutions, communities and partners.

She is currently helping shape collaborative ways for business innovation. She is passionate about empowering women, sustainability, and diversity.

Galo Ginocchio


Galo is responsible for the long-term sustainability of the organization, including succession plans, processes, procedures and documentation.

He has extensive experience in leadership roles in IT and service delivery; and is an evangelist of the power of networking and the value of giving back through volunteering.

Raquel Insa


Raquel is a finance and business strategy professional with strong leadership qualities. Through her international work experience and education, Raquel has developed forward-thinking abilities, which has enabled her the opportunity to assist organizations in designing growth approach and detail-oriented execution plans.

Past Directors

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