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Our Alliances Committee is dedicated to actively cultivate two types of Alliances:

Collaboration Partners

We collaborate with several not-for-profit organizations with whom we share a mission: to help immigrant professionals succeed in their careers and contribute to Canada's economy and society, as well as those with which we share common objectives in terms of professional life, cooperation, and Equity, Diversity and Inclusion goals.

These Collaborations include the following types of organizations:

  • Professional Immigrant Networks (PINs): not-for-profit volunteer associations similar to Hispanotech.
  • Immigrant Services Ecosystem: government-funded organizations that provide employment and career services to immigrant professionals.
  • Consulates of Latin-American countries, which help us reach our mutual constituencies.
  • Professional Associations, which serve and advocate for professions or sectors in which our Members are typically employed and certified.
  • Colleges and Universities, where our Members may take additional training to validate or improve their professional credentials.
  • Community Organizations that promote Latin-American culture, business, arts, and civic engagement in Canada.
  • Media Partners that help us disseminate our message and outreach to the community at large.
Collaborators typically support us with in-kind contributions (venue, speakers), joint events, professional discounts, etc.

Corporate Sponsors

Sponsors are for-profit organizations that value and appreciate the work that Hispanotech does, and choose to contribute, financially and in-kind, to help support our operations and programs. 

Sponsoring Partners include the following types of organizations:

  • Employee Resource Groups: networks of professionals hosted inside a corporation, primarily those focused on Diversity and Inclusion.
  • Employers, which see the value of hiring highly qualified immigrant professionals, especially as they are just entering the Canadian labour market.
  • Corporations that view our Membership as a target market for their products or services, or that want to increase their brand awareness.

Hispanotech offers several Sponsoring Opportunities, and we welcome the opportunity to discuss your objectives.

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