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Our Alliances Committee is dedicated to actively cultivate three types of Alliances:


We collaborate with several organizations with whom we share a mission: to help immigrant professionals succeed in their careers and contribute to Canada's economy and society.

These Collaborations include four types of organizations:

  • Professional Immigrant Networks,: not-for-profit associations similar to Hispanotech.
  • Community Organizations that promote Latin-American culture, business, arts, and civic engagement in Canada.
  • Immigrant Services Ecosystem: government-funded organizations that provide employment and career services to immigrant professionals.
  • Consulates of Latin-American countries, which help us reach our mutual constituencies.


This type of Alliance includes organizations, for-profit or not, with which we share common objectives in terms of professional life, cooperation, and Equity, Diversity and Inclusion goals. Partners typically provide in-kind contributions for events (venue, food&bev), professional discounts, speakers, etc.

Partnerships include four types of organizations:

  • Professional Associations, which serve and advocate for professions or sectors in which our Members are typically employed and certified.
  • Employee Resource Groups: networks of professionals hosted inside a corporation.
  • Colleges and Universities, where our Members may take additional training to validate or improve their professional credentials.
  • Employers, which see the value of hiring immigrant professionals.


Sponsors are organizations that value and appreciate the work that Hispanotech does, and choose to contribute, financially and/or in-kind, to help support our operations and programs.

This may also include corporations that view our Membership as a target market for their products or services.

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