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Based in Toronto, Hispanotech was incorporated on October 7, 2008, and started operations in the May 2009. is registered and regulated as per Canada Not-for-profit corporations Act S.C. 2009 (NFP Act).

Our affairs are conducted as per our By-law No. 1 and Articles of Continuance. Both documents are available publicly in our shared documents repository.

As specified in By-Law No. 1, Hispanotech is directed and managed by a volunteer Board consisting of 4 to 9 Directors, elected or approved by the Membership, with terms of up to 4 years. The Board elects among the Directors to fill the positions of: Chair, President, Vice-President Secretary, and Treasurer.

The Board has also created an Advisory Council, consisting of by-invitation-only members that are pre-approved by a majority of the Board. Advisors are invited based on their experience in industry and standing in the community, to provide advice and guidance to the Board on an as-needed basis, Founders and past Board Members are automatically invited to join the Council at the end of their term. Advisors are welcome to attend Board meetings as observers.

Note that all Committee Volunteers, Directors and Advisors are required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), which is publicly available in our shared documents repository.


Management Team

For details about our organizational structure and current team, please refer to Our Team.

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