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Hispanotech Board Directors

Gabriel Leiva Von Bovet

Gabriel is responsible for sales and delivery of all services at Zafin.
He joined Zafin in 2016, bringing over 30 years of international and domestic business and IT services experience, primarily focused on the banking sector.
He is a results oriented executive, with a passion for organization development, practice growth and general management, and a strong understanding of emerging and established markets.
He is currently the President of Hispanotech a not-for-profit organization devoted to support the success of Hispanics in Canada’s technology sector.

Galo Ginocchio
Secretary and Operations Director

Galo’s professional background is as eclectic as his interests. A merchant marine sailor by training, he has over 25 years experience in leadership roles in life insurance sales support, IT support and service delivery, healthcare finance and clinical research, etc.
An evangelist of the power of networking, the value of giving back through volunteering and leadership development, he practices his role as Secretary and Director of Operations of Hispanotech with infectious enthusiasm, overseeing the activities of the various working groups of volunteers.

Hispanotech Board Directors

Gabriel Sorozábal
Treasurer, Director of Mentorship Program

Computer Engineer and Project Management Professional with 20+ years of experience in the IT industry
Expertise in Cloud Computing | FinTech | AI  | DevOps | Coaching and Mentoring
Joined Hispanotech in 2014 and together with former Director Jose Luis Otero, we designed the program with initial support and input from our partner TRIEC but with the unique twist of three group networking meetings and only 12 weeks long, that have proven very effective and powerful for the participants.
Hispanotech Board Directors

Fernando Blasco
Vicepresident, Events

Fernando has increased the branding penetration of the organization moving events to Corporate venues and inviting CEOs and c-level executives in IT, Fintech and Media in the past 5 years. In 2014 he started to increase specific events towards DTL (Disruptive Technologies) like Blockchain, Internet of Things and soon AI.
Also, Fernando is the Vice-President for a Global Offshoring and Recruitment company, AG GLOBE with offices in Toronto, Atlanta, London UK, Toronto, Singapore and Manila working with more than 5000 companies in IT, Fintech, DTL and Engineering.

Hispanotech Board Directors

Carlos Paz-Soldan

In 1984 Carlos founded Tenet Computer Group Inc., a Toronto-based I.T. Value-Added Reseller and Solution Provider, to work in the then nascent PC revolution, followed by LAN/WANs and Internet.
In 2016, Carlos sold his equity of Tenet, while retaining ownership of the software division to launch Techmien Corp.
Techmien is continuing the development of innovative computing solutions, including its flagship GreenRack Service, a SaaS cloud-based publishing service, and exploring emerging technologies.
Hispanotech Board Directors

Donaji Gómez
Director, Women in IT Program

Donaji Gomez is a member of Gibraltar Solutions’ sales team with a focus on the mid-market sector.

With over 14 years of experience in the IT industry, a background in engineering, and experience in management, pre-sales and technical support, she brings a wealth of knowledge to her clients in order to help them digitally transform business infrastructure.

Hispanotech Board Directors

Angelica Tellez
Corporate Sponsorships and Special Events

As International Partner Relations Consultant with MHS Assessments, Angelica supports organizations across the globe to implement MHS’ tools and assessments as part of their development and leadership strategies.A deep cultural and economic understanding are key for her success and she takes pride in her support to organizations to leverage best practices in implementing scientifically validated tools and effective strategies to help enhance personal and professional development through talent management initiatives