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Members’ stories – Carlos Alavez

2019-05-14 9:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Hello Hispanotech community, my name is Carlos Alavez, I was born in Veracruz, Mexico but lived in Mexico City for almost 44 years. My professional background includes an Engineering in Electronics and Communication, and a Master’s in Business Administration. In 1994, I started my professional career in Sistema Radiopolis, the biggest Radio Broadcast Company in Latin America, as Audio Technician. After four years I landed a position in Televisa Mexico for the Satellite Operation division. Working as an Engineer in Televisa I specialized myself in topics like digital audio-video and satellite transmissions to carry the company’s stream through all Mexico, Europe and North America. My favorite hobbies are photography, cycling, running, going to the movies and eating all types of food.

My wife and I decided to come to Canada, so she can pursue her Master’s at the University of Waterloo. As we were planning in advance for this new challenge, we decided that a mentoring program could help us understand how to tackle the labour market in Canada, and it was a big opportunity to make new friends. After an intensive research, we found Hispanotech. Why Hispanotech? To be honest, at the beginning we were attracted to the program because it was in Toronto, some of the members spoke Spanish, it was related to Technology, and because my alma mater, the Tecnologico de Monterrey was involved as well.

It was after we arrived in Canada in 2017, that Hispanotech assigned me a mentor, and our first meeting was at the Ikea’s Etobicoke restaurant. We had a great conversation and we learned a bit about each other before heading to the first integration activity of the mentorship program. Plus, Ikea’s meatballs were delicious!

The coaching of my mentor was fundamental to my job hunt success in Canada. He taught me how to write my resume, shared his past experiences on how to search for possible companies and how to apply to jobs, how to behave in a job interview, how to pursue mock interviews with real HR executives, and more. Also, in every meeting with the Hispanotech team, I tried to get involved in the networking activities to help me develop my elevator pitch skills.

The mentorship program gave me the tools and prepared me to hunt for a job. I spent several days modifying my resume, making a list of companies within the industry I was interested in, and after one month and a half I started working at Communication and Power Industries in Georgetown as a Technician making the performance tests for vacuum electron devices used in satellite communications that are used by broadcast companies, schools, government, army and research laboratories.  After one year I applied to a Manufacturing Engineering position in the same company and I am happy to say I got promoted and have held that position for the last 6 months.

I recommend the Hispanotech mentorship program. Allow yourself to follow the recommendations of your mentor and the tips received during the meetups. Remember that landing a job is like training for your big race: Work on your program tasks; Sleep and eat properly; Repeat the next day. However, the most important learning is, try to network and do it not for the ultimate job you might get, but because you will meet great people along the way. I am happy to say, I am still in contact with my mentor, and our families and friends get to share big moments together.

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