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Words from our Leaders – Gabriela Roca

2020-04-13 9:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Creating Value Through Alliances

A month ago, in preparation for the annual AGM, I had the opportunity to reflect on what alliances and partnerships mean for our organization.  I would like to take this opportunity to expand on those reflections and share the direction the alliance committee will take this year. I define alliances as the relationship we establish with other organizations (educational, private, non-profits, etc.) with the intend to create value, generate new ideas, expand & enhance our services,  and generate opportunities for our members to stay current.

My goal is to ensure we bring alliances that will appeal to the diverse membership of our organization. This led me to analyze the background of our members and the data indicates our members belong to the following industries – 24% Financial Services, 20% IT Services/products, 12% Engineering, 10% Telecom and 4% Government.  With this background in mind, I would like to highlight three programs we plan for 2020:

  • Focus on alliances with organizations from the Fintech sector almost 43% of our members are from finance and technology
  • Collaborate with organizations that would provide services (language programs, bridging programs, career advise programs…etc.) at no cost to our members.
  • Friends of Hispanotech – this program seeks to showcase Hispanic business owners. The idea is to inspire our members to see themselves not only as supporting business but also think about generating jobs opportunities by becoming business owners.

When I took over the role of Director of Alliances, it was a one person show. In 2020, I am happy to work with a group of volunteers, who will bring new ideas & energy and help execute the plan.

The rapidly evolving situation with COVID-19 is proving to be challenge for our usual practice of meetings in person. We will explore collaborations (e.g. with providers of virtual meeting platform) that will help us continue to function and keep our members engaged.

I am excited about the opportunities and challenges this year brings to our members and I am committed to bringing alliances that will mutually benefit our members and partners. Looking forward to a productive 2020.

Gabriela Roca Vasquez

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