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Find out! What type of intelligence do you have?

2020-11-09 9:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

“Discovering who you are is going to be the best journey of your life”

Have you ever asked yourself what I am good at? It is a simple question but not easy to answer. The reality is that since we have been aware of ourselves, one of the hardest things to do is to know our own strengths and abilities. Recent psychology studies suggest that there are 7 types of intelligence. 

Howard Gardner is an American psychologist that created the theory of multiple intelligences. His theory broke stereotypes about human intelligence and how it is measured. Gardner explains that each person has at least 1 of the following 7 types of intelligence: Logical/Mathematical, Linguistic, Musical, Spatial, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Interpersonal, and Interpersonal.

Unlike Gardner’s theory, there is a belief that people that are good at physics, science, and math are more intelligent or capable in contrast with people that are not good at those subjects. Gardner suggested that just one of the 7 intelligence is based on Math’s abilities. Some countries put a lot of attention on students with the best Math grades, they considered those students as talented and brilliant but what about the rest of the class? 

Schools are used to focusing on developing math and language strengths but what happens when some students cannot keep the goal rising and fail all attempts in math and languages. Gardner’s theory has been challenging the system education in Latin-American and American countries where the tendency is measuring the student’s intelligence with old fashioned metrics. 

Come with me and discover in the video the 7 types of intelligence and try to answer to yourself, what type of intelligence do you have? 

Try this easy quiz to find out your intelligence:

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