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Words from Leaders – Brenda Avila

2021-07-30 9:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Director of Networking and Social Events 

Learn more about her journey as an active volunteer in the events committee. 

I arrived in Canada in the winter of 2016 with a bag full of dreams and the vision to start a new life. I have been passing through a process that I use to call “metamorphosis”. All the changes that I have been experienced such as cultural shock, isolation, homesickness, hope, reborn and finally happiness are the portray who I am right now. No regrets at all!

Being Latin, being at the Hispanotech board, and being a woman makes me feel so proud. Women in strategic positions within organizations are the only way to enrich gender equity in the workplace and break the glass ceiling in equal job opportunities for men and women. Since I started this role the big challenge to me is to bring a new proposal of social and networking events that the members can enjoy. Innovation and mental health are the focus of each social and networking event.

Behind the scenes, there are a lot of things happening. To go live, each event takes at least 2 months of planning, and I am honored to be with the best volunteer team. I believe that the most successful teams are those that are free to explore new ideas and have an opinion that leaders can support and implement. Moreover, have a multidisciplinary team and using software and technology, has been helping the committee to implement solutions, efficient processes, analyze data, and improve operations. To achieve the organization’s goals, the collaboration and contribution of the volunteers make everything possible.

The pandemic situation forces us to re-evaluate primary necessities and, take care of our mental health.  Since February, the events committee have been presenting the following social and networking events to help and support mental health such as “Hello Goals, Bye Fears” focused on new year resolutions and how to avoid fears in your life to succeed in your goals, “Newcomer, New Me” which was specially tailored to cover newcomers’ necessities such as searching for a job, financial advice and emotional support and, “Discover your inner artist” consisted in an art class session for stress relief and approached all the benefits that art can bring to people’s mental health. Besides the social and networking events, I am thrilled to present new projects and ways to connect with our community. One of the projects that excite me the most is a podcast that is coming soon.

The upcoming networking events are Do yoga with us and Women alliances in IT and Business. Stay tuned!

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