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ChatGPT, the fifth industrial revolution

2023-04-03 9:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

First and foremost, it must be acknowledged that a human being is writing this article about ChatGPT, which could be a disadvantage compared to a system with a neural network of 175 million parameters (which means more information) that learns every second and could write this text in less than a minute. The most surprising thing about this disruptive tool developed by OpenAI, which even has Google shaking on its boots, is its training system, constant learning, and human-like responses. Systems like Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant are simply archaic compared to the Chat GPT 3.5 system, not to mention the recently launched version 4, which implements 100 trillion parameters, and 600 times more information than version 3.5.

Without getting into more technical details, let's examine its corporate implementations. Thousands of people already use ChatGPT as their personal assistant, and major corporations worldwide have adopted it as their new (truly intelligent) chatbot. Global communications experience a genuine fifth industrial revolution thanks to this machine learning tool.

Recently, Allison Carter, PR Daily Executive Editor, asked Chat GPT to make a press release with just one sentence about someone's appointment to a corporate position. ChatGPT's response was almost instantaneous, but it was not the most accurate, partly because the request was poorly worded and lacked context. This means that to get intelligent responses, we must ask thoughtful questions, where every extra detail we can provide to the system counts.

Another wonderful finding from this exercise is that, despite ChatGPT's flawless grammar and syntax, the writings frequently resemble university essays rather than texts for a more professional setting. Due to this, ChatGPT still requires human supervision, much like autonomous vehicles do. We could say ChatGPT is in its adolescent years and still requires tutoring.

However, this system's virtues to communication and public relations departments are undeniable: availability and intelligent responses 24/7, speed, efficiency, scalability, and the bot’s revolution mentioned above, one of the most popular and effective digital marketing tools today.

If we enter the ethical field, everything gets a little dark. The academy has had to react to this new technology, implementing tools like ZeroGPT that detect when an AI has written a homework. We are experiencing a similar case to the launch of 3D printers that, in many cases, were used to make prosthetics and save lives, but in others, to print plastic guns to bypass metal detectors at airports. As always, regulation moves at a tortoise's pace while technology is on a Formula 1 car.

Finally, if the information is critical to your business or work, ignoring ChatGPT is a severe mistake. Machine learning is not a fad; it was not born in November 2022. It has been building for years, and there are notable examples, such as IBM's Watson system, which would give us enough material to write a similar article. What is truly valuable here is that the system was opened to everyone for free, democratized, grounded, and is no longer the knowledge of a small elite; now, it is massive. ChatGPT can assist you in responding to a simple email in almost any language and creating a marketing and communications strategy at record speed.

– Daniel Faura

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