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Member's stories - Christiano Varella

2023-06-29 9:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

How did you find out about Hispanotech?

There’s a Brazilian group on Google called Terras do Norte, which I belong to. Someone published a post about Hispanotech’s 2022 Mentorship Program, and I decided to apply for it.

What inspired you to become a volunteer at HT?

The inspiration to become a volunteer came after participating in the Mentorship Program. The mentor assigned to me was great, prepared me for the Canadian job market, and provided the best tips, which included volunteering. I decided that the next step in my career would be to become a volunteer, and there was no better place for me to do it other than Hispanotech, especially after all the knowledge that I had acquired from them.

What did you do at HT, and how did you feel about the experience?

The part of Hispanotech where I volunteered was the Project Management Office (PMO), and it’s where we put together the framework for all the projects of the organization, including the PMO itself, by defining documents, tools, and processes to be used to deliver and manage successful projects.

Tell us a little about your background, and the job opportunity you were looking for…

My background is all about IT, because that’s what I’ve been working with for pretty much all my life… I started out as a developer, became a team leader, and then, an IT Project Manager. So that was the focus of my job search here in Canada.

How was your HT volunteering experience, helped you to get a job?

The Mentorship and Volunteer experiences together helped me get a job. I used the tips from the Mentorship, the experience of managing jobs as a volunteer, plus the fact that I was volunteering. It’s never just one thing… Getting a job in Canada means that you must sharpen all your corners.

Any final recommendation for other members who are not sure whether to become volunteers?

If you're unsure whether to become a volunteer, let me tell you that my one regret is not volunteering earlier, as it gave me an opportunity to witness the work environment here in Canada and provided me with confidence for job interviews. Not only that, but there’s also the networking opportunities.

By Christiano Varella

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