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  • 2023-04-03 9:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Either if we are looking for a job, career change, promotion, or selling our latest entrepreneurial adventure, it is crucial to maintain a polished and purposeful LinkedIn Profile in order to stand out from the rest and accurately describe who we are and what value we offer. But, what happens if we do not know how to enhance and optimize this fundamental piece of our digital presence?

    Here are 3 ways where Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, like ChatGPT, could help us to improve our LinkedIn Profile:

    1. Keywords for your headline: Use AI to get the most relevant keywords that you can insert into your headline. For example, ask ChatGPT about the main keywords used in job descriptions for a Logistics Manager in the Manufacturing industry in Ontario, Canada. You can also use real job description documents in your niche, to refine the outcome.
    2. Structure for your headline: Once you know the keywords, use AI to compose a headline that includes those keywords according to a formula. For example, you can tell ChatGPT to follow: [Job Title] – I help [Target Audience] to achieve [KPI – results] by [Action you take to achieve that]. Once you have the results, you can get more options and variations, and select one.
    3. About Section: Use AI to compose paragraphs to fill your about section. For example, ask ChatGPT to suggest the main problems in your niche. Then, for each problem, ask about the solutions. Next, add a personal story, social proof, and your purpose. Finally, use AI to add a summary and call to action, based on the previous paragraphs.

    Remember AI is not a replacement for your skills, it serves as an assistant. You will have to test the options, compare results, and optimize the best version that works for your individual case.

    Note: This article was written by a human

    – Gabriel Seminario

  • 2023-04-03 9:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    First and foremost, it must be acknowledged that a human being is writing this article about ChatGPT, which could be a disadvantage compared to a system with a neural network of 175 million parameters (which means more information) that learns every second and could write this text in less than a minute. The most surprising thing about this disruptive tool developed by OpenAI, which even has Google shaking on its boots, is its training system, constant learning, and human-like responses. Systems like Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant are simply archaic compared to the Chat GPT 3.5 system, not to mention the recently launched version 4, which implements 100 trillion parameters, and 600 times more information than version 3.5.

    Without getting into more technical details, let's examine its corporate implementations. Thousands of people already use ChatGPT as their personal assistant, and major corporations worldwide have adopted it as their new (truly intelligent) chatbot. Global communications experience a genuine fifth industrial revolution thanks to this machine learning tool.

    Recently, Allison Carter, PR Daily Executive Editor, asked Chat GPT to make a press release with just one sentence about someone's appointment to a corporate position. ChatGPT's response was almost instantaneous, but it was not the most accurate, partly because the request was poorly worded and lacked context. This means that to get intelligent responses, we must ask thoughtful questions, where every extra detail we can provide to the system counts.

    Another wonderful finding from this exercise is that, despite ChatGPT's flawless grammar and syntax, the writings frequently resemble university essays rather than texts for a more professional setting. Due to this, ChatGPT still requires human supervision, much like autonomous vehicles do. We could say ChatGPT is in its adolescent years and still requires tutoring.

    However, this system's virtues to communication and public relations departments are undeniable: availability and intelligent responses 24/7, speed, efficiency, scalability, and the bot’s revolution mentioned above, one of the most popular and effective digital marketing tools today.

    If we enter the ethical field, everything gets a little dark. The academy has had to react to this new technology, implementing tools like ZeroGPT that detect when an AI has written a homework. We are experiencing a similar case to the launch of 3D printers that, in many cases, were used to make prosthetics and save lives, but in others, to print plastic guns to bypass metal detectors at airports. As always, regulation moves at a tortoise's pace while technology is on a Formula 1 car.

    Finally, if the information is critical to your business or work, ignoring ChatGPT is a severe mistake. Machine learning is not a fad; it was not born in November 2022. It has been building for years, and there are notable examples, such as IBM's Watson system, which would give us enough material to write a similar article. What is truly valuable here is that the system was opened to everyone for free, democratized, grounded, and is no longer the knowledge of a small elite; now, it is massive. ChatGPT can assist you in responding to a simple email in almost any language and creating a marketing and communications strategy at record speed.

    – Daniel Faura

  • 2023-04-03 9:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    At Hispanotech, we share a common goal of giving back to our community. We recognize the value of Canadian work experience and guide our volunteers in using best practices in their fields to achieve our goals and strengthen our organization.

    To acknowledge our volunteers' efforts, we provide letters of recommendation detailing the work done and their achievements and also badges for those who excel in their roles.

    To ensure efficient collaboration towards our goals, we have established an organizational structure that automates processes from onboarding to off boarding going throughout the full project management cycle . We also offer learning opportunities and incentives to keep our team highly motivated.

    As the PMO Director, I have assembled a team of 20 volunteers in a short period of time. Our team is diverse, comprising Project Managers, Business Analysts, Document Managers, and Systems Administrators. While our backgrounds differ, we all share a Hispanic heritage, culture, and the eagerness to learn and share our experiences to help one another.

    Our PMO Team is responsible for setting and maintaining project management standards for our organization. We keep records of project documentation and metrics to ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget, while providing real value to our organization.

    We believe that with a strong PMO team that adheres to our philosophy of continuous improvement , we can efficiently expand our volunteer resources to produce more results and value for our organization. Most importantly, we aim to help the new professionals who are helping us, so they can achieve even greater things in their careers.

    – Gabriel Sorozabal
  • 2023-04-03 9:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    As more individuals learn about the potential of this ground-breaking technology, they are asking these questions. Modern language models like OpenAI Chat have been trained on enormous quantities of data to provide replies to text-based inputs that are human-like. The way we engage with information online might be completely changed by this technology, despite the fact that it is still a relatively young one. Two months after launch, it has 100 million users (The Guardian, 2023).

    The manner in which new generations hunt for information online might be one of the significant effects of OpenAI Chat. It has been reported that about 40% of Generation Z prefers social media sites like TikTok to conventional search engines like Google (Dobuski, 2022). This is due to the fact that people are used to receiving information in brief, aesthetically appealing bursts rather than poring through pages of search results. As more individuals get used to engaging with chatbots and virtual assistants, such as OpenAI Chat, it's feasible that this tendency may spread to subsequent generations.

    Giving consumers access to more "precise" and "pertinent" information is another way that OpenAI Chat may have an influence on people all across the world in the future. OpenAI Chat, in contrast to conventional search engines like Google, can comprehend real language and offer more individualized replies depending on the user's particular wants and circumstances. For instance, if a user asks OpenAI Chat a question about a certain subject, the AI-powered chatbot may examine the user's inquiry and give a more detailed response instead of just pointing them toward a search results list. However, it could not always be reliable. The machine learning capabilities of OpenAI Chat also enable it to develop over time by learning from user interactions, resulting in even more precise and pertinent replies in the future. Users may spend less time and effort searching for information and getting more reliable responses as a result (West, 2022) (Conconi, 2023).

    Of course, many people are curious as to whether OpenAI Chat will someday replace Google as the go-to internet search engine. Although it's too soon to tell for sure, it's feasible that chatbots and virtual assistants could surpass conventional search engines in popularity in the upcoming years. Although there are some similarities between ChatGPT and Google Search, there is a significant difference between the two, and although they have roughly the same interfaces and are effective tools for gathering information, they are not necessarily direct rivals (Bowman, 2022). Google is a search engine that aids users in finding information online, whereas OpenAI Chat is a language model that can respond to inquiries with individualized information. Both technologies have advantages and disadvantages (Conconi, 2023), and for the foreseeable future, it's probable that they will coexist in the internet ecosystem. Furthermore, Google offers LaMDA (Cheng & Thoppilan, 2022), a ChatGPT-like chatbot that some consider being smarter than OpenAI's most recent iteration. Google has been hesitant to make it public, though, perhaps because its information isn't always accurate and it doesn't want to jeopardize its primary search business model.

    In conclusion, OpenAI Chat may change how people engage with and seek information online. Since it can simulate human reactions to textual inputs, it has the potential to be helpful in a broad variety of fields and situations. Although OpenAI Chat is unlikely to replace Google completely, it is apparent that chatbots and virtual assistants will play an increasingly crucial part in how we access information in the coming years. Therefore, it will be interesting to observe how this technology affects the way we use the internet as it develops and improves.


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    – Kiomi Kunigami

  • 2021-07-30 9:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Hispanotech presents: 

    “8 interesting facts about immigrants in Canada” 

    Enjoy this short video and learn more about newcomers, researches and, statistics.


  • 2021-07-30 9:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Hispanotech is proud of all its members and volunteers! In this section, we want to connect with you through short videos about our member’s stories. Meet Lucero Tsui, a Mexican active volunteer living in Canada, wife, mom of two crazy boys, a Spanish teacher, and a dog lover. Watch her video to know her better!


  • 2021-07-30 9:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Director of Networking and Social Events 

    Learn more about her journey as an active volunteer in the events committee. 

    I arrived in Canada in the winter of 2016 with a bag full of dreams and the vision to start a new life. I have been passing through a process that I use to call “metamorphosis”. All the changes that I have been experienced such as cultural shock, isolation, homesickness, hope, reborn and finally happiness are the portray who I am right now. No regrets at all!

    Being Latin, being at the Hispanotech board, and being a woman makes me feel so proud. Women in strategic positions within organizations are the only way to enrich gender equity in the workplace and break the glass ceiling in equal job opportunities for men and women. Since I started this role the big challenge to me is to bring a new proposal of social and networking events that the members can enjoy. Innovation and mental health are the focus of each social and networking event.

    Behind the scenes, there are a lot of things happening. To go live, each event takes at least 2 months of planning, and I am honored to be with the best volunteer team. I believe that the most successful teams are those that are free to explore new ideas and have an opinion that leaders can support and implement. Moreover, have a multidisciplinary team and using software and technology, has been helping the committee to implement solutions, efficient processes, analyze data, and improve operations. To achieve the organization’s goals, the collaboration and contribution of the volunteers make everything possible.

    The pandemic situation forces us to re-evaluate primary necessities and, take care of our mental health.  Since February, the events committee have been presenting the following social and networking events to help and support mental health such as “Hello Goals, Bye Fears” focused on new year resolutions and how to avoid fears in your life to succeed in your goals, “Newcomer, New Me” which was specially tailored to cover newcomers’ necessities such as searching for a job, financial advice and emotional support and, “Discover your inner artist” consisted in an art class session for stress relief and approached all the benefits that art can bring to people’s mental health. Besides the social and networking events, I am thrilled to present new projects and ways to connect with our community. One of the projects that excite me the most is a podcast that is coming soon.

    The upcoming networking events are Do yoga with us and Women alliances in IT and Business. Stay tuned!

  • 2021-07-30 9:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Hispanotech TechTrends

    Learn tips and more about technology 
    Today “Amazing Wearables”

    The digital revolution, which is attributed to have started back in the early 80s, had two fundamental pillars in computers and the internet. These two ubiquitous tools make our jobs seamless, they allow us to connect with others, to store information, to engage in digital gaming, to share special moments with loved ones, and so much more. They were and continue to be a platform for innovation where further technology flourishes. Technology which continues to simplify our personal and professional lives.

    One such type of technology are wearables. And if you don’t know what these are, Wikipedia defines them as “[…] smart electronic devices that are worn close to and/or on the surface of the skin, where they detect, analyze, and transmit information concerning e. g. body signals such as vital signs, and/or ambient data and which allow in some cases immediate biofeedback to the wearer.1

    More simply put, it’s technology you wear. Some of these advancements are in the works and some are already in production, and here are some examples for your entertainment:

    Fitness trackers. Probably the most popular wearable these days. Several brands offer these fitness trackers in the form of watches or wristbands to keep track of our physical activity and health.

    Smart jewelry or wristbands. These wearables are not only fashionable, but when paired with other devices they will control all options available on those equipment or apps. For instance, a ring paired with a reading app could turn the page, zoom in or out of the page, add a bookmark, or highlight a section of the text based on the movements transmitted by the ring to the app, without ever having to touch each other. Smart wristbands could also learn to read your fingers’ movements as you tap on flat surfaces, and allow you to type into your computer without having to involve a physical keyboard.

    Smart clothing. Yes, clothing is becoming smarter too. On one hand, some designers are creating clothes with solar panels that allow the clothes to store energy; so, if you notice your phone is running low on battery you could connect your phone to your clothes to recharge it. Or how about wearing sport clothes made with special fabrics that can sense your movements while doing exercise and provide instant feedback on your performance?

    Hearables. This category of wearables includes wireless earbuds which are very common, but also hearing aid devices which can sense the environment and can automatically recalibrate to reduce noise and enhance a person’s hearing. It also includes powerful devices that capture speech and translate conversations in real time, breaking down all language barriers.

    Body-sensors. These ones can be life savers… literally! Body sensors attached to people’s bodies track their biological data and can either improve their health or even save their lives. Some of these sensors are programmed to automatically dial emergency numbers or send alerts to healthcare companies if they detect a person has fallen, or if the person is showing abnormal or dangerous vital signs.

    Smart contact lenses. That’s already in the works too! These lenses are meant to detect glucose levels in a non-invasive manner. Most methods these days require puncturing the skin or obtaining blood samples in ways which can be painful, so these wearables could be a welcome device.

    The mix of the amazing technology available today paired with our endless curiosity as human beings will continue to be a great recipe to find further ways in which to protect our health and enhance our lives. Some of those improvements will surely come from wearable solutions. According to Business Wire and Cisco Systems, “the number of connected wearable devices is expected to increase from 593 million in 2018 to 1,105 in 2022.”2

    We are almost there!

    1 Wikipedia, “Wearable technology”,

    2 Business Wire, “Global Smart Wearable Market – Market to Grow by 19.48% from 2021 – 2026 –”, February 8, 2021,—Market-to-Grow-by-19.48-from-2021—2026—

  • 2021-07-30 9:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    “I just got a job and my secret is the mentorship program”

    This is what our ex-mentees can tell you about this Mentorship Program. Watch the following video and learn more about the program. You can be a Mentor or Mentee.

    Register now here!


  • 2021-03-16 9:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Hispanotech is proud of all its members and volunteers. In this section, we want to connect with you through short videos about our member’s stories. Meet Francisca Figueroa, is a volunteer at Hispanotech. Watch her video to know her better!

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